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Being the developer of many technological FIRSTS in the Turkish finance sector, Garanti Technology (GT) provides organizations of the Garanti brand with technology infrastructure, software development on different platforms, internet applications, integration, system management, security management, project management and office application services.

GT has the technological architecture to offer real-time, uninterrupted system resources, the infrastructure to make millions of online transactions and the operational control system to ensure 24/7 excellent operation for the entire system, and it serves as an "IT Center" with all its functions.

Architecture and IT Security
Business Consultancy
Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Big Data Management
Data and Platforms Management & Operations
Digital Banking Solutions
Network and Field Management
Payment Systems Solutions
Project Management
Software Development

Architecture and IT Security

Garanti Technology utilizes a life cycle of strategic planning. Business plans and needs are turned into information technology projects based on current technological architecture, capacity and implementation capabilities.

GT's corporate governance is based on the ITIL process model and built on Design-Operate-Support principles according to global standards. All projects are prepared in accordance with quality standards such as COBIT and ISO so that optimum solutions can be produced for the business needs of the organization receiving our services. GT Security Management ensures that data, information and the IT assets intended for their operations are utilized safely and continuously. The general security policy is developed in accordance with international standards, risk assessment is performed for all projects and their compliance with security criteria is checked continuously.

Business Consultancy

Garanti Technology makes detailed need analyses for the systems to be developed or modified in order to meet the requirements that arise due to automation of business processes, reporting, performance improvement, legal changes or other reasons. It designs business processes, anticipates business solutions to meet requirements and conducts works to form the basis of system capacities.

GT sets the parameters of banking applications in the production environment, shares its system infrastructure and facilities with business owners and guides their work, completes functional tests in all system changes and provides the necessary user training.

Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Big Data Management

Garanti Technology designs, develops and implements business intelligence systems which can make information-based optimal decisions. It effectively uses technologies structured around "Big Data" in processes and corporate decisions to underline the real time analytic capabilities of data and ensures a high level of data management.

Data and Platforms Management & Operations

Garanti Technology designs, installs, manages and offers continuity, performance, disaster solutions and operational support for all servers and peripherals in use and the system software running on them. It follows technological developments, turns them into projects which will produce added value for customers and implements such projects.

With an average system availability rate of 99.999% and many successful projects, it is a leader in this area.

GT plans the technological architecture to offer uninterrupted system resources, sets up the infrastructure which is capable of performing millions of real time transactions, monitors the systems to guarantee a fast and uninterrupted end user experience and undertakes operations to ensure 24/7 optimum operation.

Digital Banking Solutions

GT develops digital strategies and applications, manages portals and contents, realizes integration with social media, manages user experience and designs interfaces for Garanti Bank's non-branch banking channels, which comprise Internet Banking, ATM, Call Center, Mobile Banking and Social Platforms.

The technological superiority of Garanti has been confirmed by the international awards it has received. All applications are developed in-house for the internet branch, which is the best in Turkey, the call center, which was awarded for the best technological innovation, and mobile and social media banking. Having developed products such as iGaranti, GarantiLink, Cepbank, AloGaranti Call Steering, iGaranti Glassware and Smartwatch, and Re-Cycle ATM, GT follows the fast-paced changes and innovations in the technological world and implements them in the most innovative way.

Network and Field Management

GT manages, monitors and inspects all hardware and communication software with its strong communication backbone, video and data communication via infrastructure and design and engineering works at international standards.

It offers field support services to more than a thousand sites with its locations all around Turkey, provides support for thousands of users on an annual basis and responds to their assembly, disassembly and modification requests. With its human resources well trained in all technical platforms, GT offers Branch, ATM, POS, PBX, UPS, Server and PC set up and support services, and serves as the technological link of a network that functions perfectly.

Payment Systems Solutions

Anticipating the market needs in our country, the novel products of technologies in the global payment systems sector are monitored, evaluated, analyzed and product specifications are determined by GT for development.

GT is an industry pioneer with its innovative products and services in payment systems and actively works in the development of POS, shared and virtual POS, chip/POS-based loyalty programs in addition to chip-based, multi-channel and shared channel card programs, commercial and virtual cards, member merchant and campaign management practices.

Having launched many "firsts" as of today both in Turkey and globally, GT has created cards including Bonus, Shop&Miles, &Club and Flexi, and developed services and products such as Bonusnet and Bonus Trink Sticker, which set an example around the world.

Project Management

All software and services produced by GT are planned and turned into projects in accordance with company standards and procedures; risks are identified, detailed analyses are made, resource and technology requirements are identified for pricing and coordination is ensured between all relevant technical parties to implement project management processes.

All contracts, agreements and notices required for outsourced technological products and services for the companies receiving our services are prepared according to applicable procedures. Price analyses are made for products, services and projects; periodic updates are implemented and price models are prepared.

Software Development

Garanti Technology has in-depth knowledge about the field of business of the organizations for which it provides services and works to develop the optimal solution to support their business strategy, which enables it to develop flexible and functional applications to meet different user needs.

A "component-based" software development technology is utilized. Integrated solutions ensure that any new requirements which may arise depending on market conditions can be met quickly and lead to superiority in technological design.

  • 96% virtualized server systems, disk structure on virtualized 14 PB

  • A virtual backup infrastructure which backs up more than 630 TB of data every week

  • Management of more than 40 thousand PCs and mobile devices

  • Business continuity with a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of nearly one second within automatized processes

  • Private cloud, advanced monitoring and automation infrastructure

  • Advanced remote support systems


  • Online archiving, synchronized data storage systems

  • A 84538 MIPS Mainframe System with an availability rate of 99.99% and an average transaction response time of 32 ms

  • IBM Mainframe, Power, Cisco UCS Blade, Exadata, Vmware, RHEV, Oracle Sparc, Oracle BDA, IBM DS8800, EMC Isilon, Netapp, Hitachi VSP G1X00, Hitachi HUSVM, Netezza

  • DB2 for z/OS, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Exalytics, Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA), ODI (Oracle Data Integrator), OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM Websphere MQ (Queue Manager), IBM IDAA (IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator), VSAM

Garanti Technology aims at the best and works with the best. The best teams are created, they are offered the best opportunities and this is done continuously.

GT believes and invests in human value, preserves its existing human resources, values creativity and experience, contributes to personal development, empowers its people, creates career opportunities, utilizes its intellectual assets, creates value instead of making deals, focuses its individual added value on vision and unites personal achievements with the company's success stories.

Training Policies
Career Development Model
Intern Acceptance Program
Performance Management System
Recruitment Process
Talent Management

Training Policies

GT members are provided with opportunities to take part in domestic and international training programs to support their personal and professional development. Training sessions are planned according to the task at hand, the competencies required by this task and career maps.

Thanks to the company's technical know-how, special trainings designed with internal resources are also used as part of the program.

It is encouraged to share what is learned from international training, seminars and conferences through presentation platforms in order to ensure that more GT members benefit from professional knowledge and vision.

Career Development Model

A Career Model linked to the performance system and training plans is implemented to support the high performance and technical know-how at the company.

All GT members are assessed on many levels to support their horizontal and vertical career development; they are supported and monitored with appropriate training programs in line with their personal tendencies and inclinations.

Intern Acceptance Program

Internship programs are offered on an annual basis to engineering students so that they become familiar with Garanti Technology and learn about fields of business and the company can evaluate the potential talents which they can collaborate with in the long run.


Performance Management System

The Performance Management System at GT supports efficiency, identifies the development and training needs concerning technological know-how and competency, implements a feedback mechanism and provides data for career development.


At GT…

Competencies required by the roles are identified and the right employee is assigned. An orientation program is implemented and it is ensured that the selected person is integrated into the company. An effective and continuous evaluation is made with the Performance System. A training program is implemented to offer the required quality training support in a timely manner. With sector-specific career programs, alternative career paths are developed in addition to management. We believe in change and lead for change; we encourage "leadership for change". A visionary approach is essential; we always think one step ahead. We contribute to the creation of the future.

GT members…

Are well-educated, dedicated to their work, focused on success, self-confident, inquisitive and challenging; they have an analytic approach, believe in team work, can adapt quickly to change, have advanced problem solving skills and aim at adding value to what they do, improving themselves and seeing their contribution to the organization.

Recruitment Process

For the vacancies at our company, candidates are evaluated against the basic and position-specific competencies required by the job, the company's vision, mission and the corporate culture.

Candidates are invited for a second interview if the first evaluation and competency interview conducted by Human Resources is completed positively. If the second interview held by the department head and manager of the related position is also completed positively, the candidate is sent a professional personality inventory to complete online so that more can be learnt about them. If the third interview with the Assistant General Manager is also completed positively, following the English level assessment, Human Resources Department makes a job offer to the candidate.

Comprehensive orientation programs are in place for new colleagues.

Applications are received via and LinkedIn in addition to the vacancies tab on our website.


Remuneration and performance management systems work together at Garanti Technology. The remuneration of GT members is determined according to their competencies, responsibility level, performance scores and conditions of the sector.

Talent Management

Talent Management processes at GT are developed in line with business strategies.

The "talents" required by fields of business are identified, attracted to GT and developed.

Future leaders are trained with the right investments and practices in line with the corporate vision.

  • 18.05.2018 İSTANBUL Big Data Analytics Engineer .
  • 18.05.2018 İSTANBUL Big Data Developer .
  • 18.05.2018 İSTANBUL Common Applications Software Developer .
  • 18.05.2018 İSTANBUL Open Systems DB Operator and Level 1 Support .
  • 18.05.2018 İSTANBUL System Administrator .

There is an active social life at GT!

We make time for ourselves outside of work for theater, concerts, shows and trips. We make presentations, invite speakers, organize seminars and tournaments, go on picnics and enjoy ourselves with parties & happy hours. Sports are a part of our lives! Our sports teams take part in company leagues and are a source of pride for us! We enjoy being together and perpetuate the GT spirit!

We collaborate with WWF for our environment-related efforts and undertake social responsibility projects in cooperation with the Ayhan Şahenk Foundation and Turkish Education Foundation (TEV). We conduct corporate awareness and voluntary social responsibility campaigns in order to leave a more livable world for future generations and create added value for society.

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